Baptisms for children take place in Spanish on the first and third Saturday of the month at 1:00 PM and third Sunday at 2:15pm, and in English on the second Sunday of the month at 2:15 PM.  Parents must register the child at the Rectory at least one month in advance. Registration fee of $40.

Talks are given on the Thursday before baptism date in Spanish and in English the Tuesday  before Baptism at 7:00PM.

Requirements for Baptism:

  1. 5 years old or less
  2. Registration should be one month before baptism date
  3. Registration is in the rectory
  4. Original Birth certificate should be presented – CAN NOT register without it
  5. Only Mother or Father can register child
  6. The parents and godparents should assist the Baptismal class – Pre-Baptismal
  7. Those who baptize outside the church must take class here and ask for a note
  8. Those who baptize here from another parish should bring a letter of permission from their home parish