Please call the office of Religious Education for more information about preparing for Confirmation.

Sponsor Role, Responsibilities and Selection

There are several requirements to be a sponsor for the Sacrament of Confirmation:

  • The Church requires that the sponsor be an active participating Catholic who has already celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation. The Church recognizes that a person cannot transmit what the person does not have.
  • It is recommended that the sponsor be an older friend or relative, who believes and accepts the teachings of the Church and who feels comfortable about transmitting the faith to others.
  • The Sponsor must be more mature, more informed and more experienced in the way of our faith and Christian values than the candidate.
  • The Sponsor should have a trusting relationship with the candidate and will eagerly share his/her faith with the candidate.
  • The Sponsor is an assistant to the parents as the prime transmitter of faith.
  • The Sponsor needs to be an open, honest, caring, committed and encouraging person who will help the candidate grow in his/her understanding of the faith as the young person comes to a deeper appreciation of God in his/her life.
  • The Sponsor is asked to be present at the meeting (s) and rehearsal (s) before Confirmation.
  • The Sponsor, not someone else, needs to come in person to meet the pastor, if not known by him, so that the pastor can attest and sign that the Sponsor is known by him.
  • If from another parish, the Sponsor needs to ask his/her pastor to sign the Confirmation Sponsor Application.